Walking the Property

 The girls and I spent some time Saturday afternoon walking the property. Well, I walked the property - they ran, trotted, sniffed and explored the property. There's a difference.

This is the face of a happy dog, knowing she's about to get taken off the leash. 

We still have to practice our manners, so Bailey has to sit very still and wait to be released. The older she gets, the better this works.

In the space of time it took to click a second picture, this is how far she had run. And she always goes to the same place - the far corner of the big pond. I think it's because that's where the beavers live. 

Sadie and I followed behind her and took in the sights. Sometimes I take for granted how beautiful our property is, so then I thank God several times over.

It was warm that day, but it was absolutely beautiful in and amongst the trees. You can't see the girls because they're already so far down the path. They'll come back every few minutes to check on me and make fun of me for not keeping up.

Kitty came with us, too, but he really just wanted to talk. He likes to hear the sound of his own meow, so he'd walk a ways, cry, sniff something, cry, chase the girls, cry, curl up and look handsome, cry. Do you see the pattern?

Just over this tree line is the highway, which is the edge of our property. The girls know that when we get back here, it's time to go home. I was ready to walk a little more and check out the berry bushes on the ridge, but Bailey ran ahead and waited at the front door to go in. Apparently that's my clue.


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