Scrapping and Recycling

When my husband brought these two cans of treats home recently, I was touched - not just because I had some really great Starbucks snacks, but because he supplied me with two new containers to play with. Thank you Danny!

It would have killed me to throw away such neat boxes to begin with, but being able to recycle them into gift jars blesses my heart and hopefully the heart of the recipient.

Plus, we are called to be good stewards of what we have been given. Luke 16 speaks of being faithful to wisely use all God has given. In a small way, we can show our appreciation for all of the Lord's blessings by eliminating as much waste as we can.

So, what do you have saved up around the house that you can reuse? It literally took me 10 minutes to put this box together, so don't be turned off by the time factor. You can create beautiful gifts and wrapping using just scrapbook supplies and objects you were going to throw out. Use your imagination!

Box instructions:
1. Cut a strip of decorator paper to proper length and width. (Cardstock doesn't work as well on smaller, round boxes. It tends to pull away unless you really tack it down.) Adhere to the box with double stick tape, glue dots or other favorite adhesive.

2. Thread ribbon through metal ribbon charm. Attach to the top edge of paper strip with glue dots.

3. Stamp your chosen sentiment on coordinating paper. Ink the edges to give a distressed look. (Distressed look on the paper, not on you.) Mat with another coordinating paper if you so desire. Adhere to box.

4. Complete decorating box with chipboard letters, charms and 3D stickers.

Lid instructions:
1. Remove the Starbucks stickers so you have a clean work surface.

2. Choose two paper or fabric flowers in coordinating colors, one large and one small.

3. Thread a large matching brad through the middle for center of flower.

4. Attach the flower to the center of the lid with glue dots.

5. Get creative - hang tags from the lid, ink edges in different colors, add smaller flowers to the sides. Have fun and find all kinds of new uses for your extra stuff!


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