CDs Take a New Spin

Mini-albums are my favorite paper craft projects ever. I really enjoy being able to combine scrapbooking and stamping techniques, while accessorizing with my favorite Bible passages. There is a verse on each of the 12 pages of this album, plus a spot for adding in your own pictures.

This project is perfect for gift-giving - baby showers, wedding rehearsals, birthdays - the list goes on and on. You can easily customize it for a specific person or event. Either give it with pictures already in it, or let the recipient fill it up themselves.

Or you may decide to make one to fill and keep for yourself. It makes a great conversation piece on the coffee table or shelf, and it's small enough to carry in your pocketbook.

Making a CD Mini-Album:

1. Drill a hole in each of six CDs. You can use new ones (which gets expensive) or you can gather up the free ones we all get for free in the mail or in the entryway of the grocery store. I am blessed to have a loving husband who does all the drilling of CDs for me, but it's super easy with a cordless drill.

2. Line the edges of the CD with doublestick tape or another non-drippy adhesive. (You'll find tape and gluedots work really well because they don't add bulk behind the paper or run like regular glue. And make sure it's acid-free so your album won't deteriorate over time.) Then flip your CD over onto the back side of your chosen decorator paper.

3. Trim the paper off around the CD and ink edges if desired.

4. After one side has been covered, punch a hole through the paper using the drilled hole as a guide. If you don't do this now, the hole will be completely covered when you tape the paper onto the other side. Searching through paper and tape for a hole is no fun.

5. Decorate each of the pages with additional paper, stickers, stamps, ribbon and 3D elements. For this album I printed Scripture from my word processing program for each page. You can use coordinating paper and run it through the printer, or use regular copy paper and ink the edges to make it less stark.

6. When all sides are completed, use a book ring (found in the stationary section) to hook them all together. Then cut small lengths of ribbon in various colors and designs and tie them to the ring. (There's no ribbon in the picture so you can see the pages.)

Depending on the number of CDs you decide to cover, this project only takes an afternoon. If you're a scrapbooker or other kind of crafter, you probably have tons of extra paper and supplies that you can use. Use your creativity and make an extra-special gift.


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