When Your Bible Study Needs Freshening Up

Repetition has its place, like when you have a great morning routine, but not when you know you're stuck in a rut. My Bible study time needed some freshening up, so when I started my new study guide, I did something completely different. Usually I only highlight in my books, but this time I added some washi tape around the highlighted areas. Then I wrote out the Scripture references on sticky notes in KJV and added them to each page. It made me concentrate on the Scriptures more, which was exactly what I needed.

Are you ready for some new ways to do your Bible study? I pray one of these will inspire you to reach out and allow God to speak to you through His word in powerful ways.

Verse Mapping: Instead of simply reading through a passage, break it down by dissecting individual verses. Analyze the context, meanings of words in their original languages, and cross-reference related verses to gain a deeper understanding.

Journaling: Write down your thoughts, reflections, questions, and prayers as you read through the Bible. This can help you to internalize what you're reading and make personal connections to the text. Then go back and find the answers to any questions you had.

Bible Art: Combine artistic expression with Bible study by creating visual art in the margins of your Bible or in a separate journal. This can include drawings, calligraphy, or mixed media art inspired by the scripture you're studying. I've often used colored gel pens and stickers.

Group Studies with Discussion: If you always study by yourself, gather a group of friends to study the Bible together. If your church has a ladies' group, join them for their next study. Engage in discussions, share insights, and learn from each other's perspectives.

Digital Resources and Apps: Utilize various online resources and mobile apps that offer interactive Bible study plans, devotional readings, quizzes, and community forums for discussion and sharing. I love the e-Sword Bible program and Illustrated Faith, which has an active Instagram account and website.

Scripture Memorization and Meditation: Choose key verses or passages to memorize and meditate on throughout the week. Repeat them to yourself, reflect on their meaning, and pray over them regularly.

Historical and Cultural Context Exploration: Dive into the historical and cultural background of the Bible by studying the customs, traditions, and events of the time period in which it was written. This can provide valuable context for understanding the meaning of the text.

All it takes is prayer and creativity to find new and interesting ways to explore God's word. What tools and methods are you using right now?


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