Paws And Reflect - Updates From The Pack

Every day is an adventure around our pack. Each of our four dogs has their own personality, and they shine brightly, believe me. While I was cleaning out the sunroom, Diesel decided to explore some new places. Once he got out on this little ledge, where there is usually a bookcase, he was perfectly happy to stand there and watch me work.

Our girls are cuddle monkeys. If they're not curled up with us downstairs, they nap together, making sure they touch each other. Molly's back end is starting to hurt her with age, so we have to be careful that the babies don't use her for a pillow.

It's been raining like ... wait for it ... cats and dogs for the past couple of weeks, though it's not been as dramatically stormy as many other places have. But it has meant that the pack hasn't been outside as much as normal. And when they are out, they go very quickly. These four are the biggest babies ever about getting their feet and heads wet. 

But they are their own sweet selves, as always. They are sensitive to our moods, protective of the house and property, and always ready with kisses and cuddles. Is your pack the same way? 


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