How The Puppies Celebrated The Holiday Season

It's been quite a while since the puppies were featured here, and I just have to share their holiday celebrations with you. They slept (like Parker is here), they ate, they played, they napped, they pulled the tree skirt out from under the tree, and they barked at wildlife through the window. The end.

Well, they also rearranged their blankets multiple times a day. They were pretty busy with that.

Then they had to take a nap to recover. Lined up. In the sunshine. You understand.

And sometimes they didn't even make it to the floor. Their schedule was so exhausting that they fell asleep right where they were. Diesel usually chooses to doze with his chin on the couch. Just his chin, though, because puppies aren't allowed on the couch.

But don't tell Molly that. She sleeps like this every evening, making sure she can keep an eye on me. Doesn't her graying fur make her look so distinguished? She turned 10 in November, and she'll always be the four-legged love of my life.

It's a ruff life being a puppy, especially as we transition from one year to the next. We all six stayed up until midnight and welcomed 2024. And the holiday celebration ended with a puppy puddle at the end of the day. They all try to be as close to each other as possible, and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hopefully they'll stay this sweet in the year to come.


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