Rainbow Bracelets And Keychains Make Everyone Happy

When the majority of your youth group is guys, it can be hard to find crafts and activities that they'll enjoy, too. But that's where creativity comes in. A couple of modifications to just about anything will make them gentleman-approved!

These adorable rainbow bracelet kits came from Oriental Trading and fit perfectly with our lessons on Noah. They had detailed directions on how to make them one single way. And that's no fun. Not to question authority, but how much fun is it to venture off the beaten path and do something no one's done before?

So we poured out all the bracelet kit contents onto a paper plate, strung them on a shorter string and turned them into key chains. All I had to get were packages of clasps and jump rings to change the strands over. 

The finished products turned out perfectly, and they were able to be even more creative with their beads and charms. And they didn't have to wear them.

For guys who are usually told to just make a craft and give it to someone, they were so excited to make something they'd be able to keep. And use. And enjoy. That's all I wanted to hear, and the smile says it all.


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