Our Omniscient God Knows Me Intimately

I have different Bibles for different reasons. Can you relate? I have a spiral-bound, lay-flat Bible of Genesis through Deuteronomy for my verse-by-verse study. I have a Bible that has all of the verses that talk about women highlighted in pink. And I have a note-taking Bible that I'd gone all the way through with so much information in it that it has a special place on my shelf for future reference.

And then there's my Bible that only goes with me to church. I started it in 2015, and it's been my go-to sermon notes Bible ever since. It's been written in, highlighted, prayed through and cried on more than I can tell you.

That's why, when we turned to Psalm 139 during the message last Sunday, my heart was tuned for the topic of God's omniscience. I already had some notes in the margins that framed Pastor's sermon in such a special way.

David had such a way with words, and the first six verses of this Psalm can be echoed in each of our hearts as we begin a new week. We're not venturing out into the world without a God who knows absolutely everything and has gone on before us on this path. Talk about comfort and peace of mind!

Verse 1: God has searched me and known me. He looks, He sees and He knows. Our omniscient God, who is the very definition of knowledge, focuses on me. Me. One woman. That kind of love brings me such joy.

Verse 2: God knows the moment I get up and the moment I get down. He understands me even though we've never met face to face, in flesh and blood. He knows all things, and He knows and understands everything about me.

Verse 3: He is all the way around my path, going before me, walking with me and protecting me from behind. Even when I'm stopped for the night, He's right there with me. His presence is what quiets my hearts and brings me peace.

Verse 4: Even as I'm thinking it - it hasn't even left my mouth yet - God knows what I'm going to say. He is so familiar with my thoughts and words that He can finish my sentences for me, even when I don't even know what I'm going to say yet!

Verse 5: As He sets up the circumstances around me, He is already touching me, leading me and guiding me where I need to go. I will never walk somewhere that His hand can't reach out to lovingly touch me and remind me of His presence.

Verse 6: Words don't even do my God justice. He is so far above anything I can ask or think that I can't even comprehend it. Understanding the enormity of who He is makes all the difference in how I view the world around me.

Knowing the Lord through Scripture is how we learn, grow and enjoy Him every day. What chapters or verses are you studying right now that are teaching you new truths?


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