A Creative Sunday School Environment

We had a busy week last week. In just two days we completely changed our Sunday school classroom from a boring, white box to a place we're all excited to learn in.

This before picture makes me very sad. The church basement had a flooding problem and all of the carpet was removed. This was actually a blessing in disguise because we were motivated to get the painting process started so the new carpet could be installed. 

Before the carpet installation, we gave all four walls a sky-and-grass paint job. Danny was amazing, doing everything but the touch-ups himself. He created the green hills by hand, taking what was in his head and transferring it to the walls. It's another one of his incredible, God-given talents.

Now that the carpet is in, it looks exactly like the ground! The fabric has several different colors of thread in it, making it look like concrete or gravel. Perfect for our outdoor room.

We attached boards to the bottom of the wall and ran rope across them to make the cutest fence ever. Then, in his creative way, Danny free-handed clouds all the way around the room. It was so much fun to watch him work.

 Once it was all done, we were thrilled with the results. We want a warm, inviting place to teach our fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders the truths of God's word, and we think this fits the bill. It was so much fun to create, and we look forward to sharing it with the young people of our church family.


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