Asleep On Your Feet... Or ... Why Chick Days Are The Best!

I love living in the Midwest at the beginning of spring. There's one specific sound that lets me know the change of seasons is near, and I hear it when I walk into any of the local farm supply stores.

Chick days!

Hundreds of baby chicken and ducks sing the songs of their people, luring cuteness-lovers from every corner of the county. They're easy to fall in love with when they're tiny balls of fluff that move on itty-bitty legs.

Except for the guy in this picture. He was standing at the back of the cage, slightly distant from the others. He was full from the feed in the trough, he was warm from the heat lamp and he was ready for his afternoon nap. His little eyelids were fighting sleep, but eventually he succumbed and drifted off. He didn't fall over - he just fell asleep on his feet. Can you relate some days?

Perhaps they have always been there, but this was the first time I noticed signs regulating the purchase of chicks, ducks and rabbits. They won't sell them individually, and they expect them to be "livestock" instead of household pets. While that fluffy chick or bunny might look cute in an Easter basket, it would be neither practical nor ethical to own a single critter. I love this idea, and hopefully it will prevent disappointment and neglect down the road.

As for me and my house, we are content to visit the chicks at the store and watch the wild birds that make their home on our property. I don't need one in a basket in the house to enjoy and appreciate them.


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