The God Of All Creation

When we look the world around us with an eye to the Creator God, we can't help but stand in awe. It is impossible that the perfection of every detail could have happened with a bang or a microbe. All we have to do is adjust our focus and zoom in on the little things God has made.

The Spirit of God moved across the waters, ready to begin His creation.

With just a word, He brought light into being.

Our Lord made a special place in the firmament called Heaven.

He separated land from water as a home for the rest of His workmanship.

Each blade of grass was lovingly shaped and placed in the ground. Herbs and seeds and trees were planted and encouraged to grow in abundance.

The sun that wakes us up in the morning was placed in its rotation by the God of Light.

In the dark of night, God gives us the moon.

Imagine His joy as He began to fill the waters with creatures and the air with birds. These are just a glimpse of His creative nature.

Soon the earth was covered with beasts of every shape and size.

And then came God's pure and utter delight - a man and a woman. With these beautiful creations, the Lord would have fellowship and relationship with His creation in a way He never had before. It would be different with humans than it was with the earth or the animals. He had given them minds and hearts that would be tuned into Him, and Him alone.

As you go about your day, take a few minutes to notice the little things God has created around you. Look closely at a butterfly's wings. Examine the leaves on a tree as they change colors. Look into your pet's eyes. Hug your friends and family. Then praise the Lord for creating the most wonderful world imaginable.


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