A Thanksgiving Tree

I've started the most amazing little daily project. It looks a bit sparse right now, but by the end of November, it's going to be much fuller.

This is my Thanksgiving tree, and every day I'm adding another leaf. Each leaf has something I'm thankful for written on it, and so far I think I could have written a dozen of them every day.

When you start a gratitude project, it shows you very quickly how much you have to be thankful for. In just the first three days of the month, God has blessed me exceeding abundantly above all I could ask or think.

It's pretty clear how I put this together, so you have no excuses to not complete this project. A jar full of pretty rocks, a tree branch and some paper leaves - that's it!
From there, it's entirely up to you. Add one leaf each day with something you're thankful for on it. Add several leaves. Have each person in the family add one every day. Keep adding them until Thanksgiving Day and see just how much you have to be thankful for.


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