Our Walk On Art Street Experience

We had an absolutely fabulous day at Walk On Art Street Saturday. The weather was a little iffy, so it was moved indoors, but there were still hundreds of people coming through to view all the different booths. We were so busy at times that we couldn't even talk to everybody.

I put our Etsy shop on vacation and took everything I had to the show. I marked each basket with the different categories of cards and put up one sign with all the sizes and their prices. I also had notebooks, journals and several kinds of magnets.

Having different levels for people to look at worked really well, too. Next year I want to make even more heights, like using a tiered structure of some kind at one end of the table. That will make it a little more interesting to look at.

On the other side of the booth, Danny made an amazing shelving unit out of pallets and edged it with leafy garland. From that he hung his scroll saw ornaments and put out his wooden puzzles. On the table he arranged his pens, carved chairs and a pretty amazing desk set.

For the next show, we'd like to have a little more variety of items so there is more reason to keep people in the booth longer. It's nice to have this experience under our belt so we can have even more fun at the next one.


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