A Scrappy Card

When you walk into your craft room, do you see more scraps than full sheets of paper? If so, not only does that mean you're being incredibly creative, it also means that you've got lots of leftovers to do something with.

Many times it's easier to start a new project with new supplies than it is to use up what you've already got. Herein lies the challenge to make use of all those scraps!

I'm finished making fall cards for the season, but I have TONS of bits and pieces left. So I put together this scrappy card in just a couple of minutes using those bits. I would probably never have come up with a layout like this if I hadn't decided to use my scraps instead of just throwing them out or tucking them away again.

So, are you ready to take the scrappy card challenge? Make an entire project using nothing but leftover pieces and see where your creativity leads you.


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