Easter Tablescape Mixing The Old And The New

I'm beyond ready for spring. Winter was just weird this year, it was too cold for a couple of weeks, and the year isn't off to the best start. To remedy the situation, I turned our dining room table into a beautiful easter tablescape, and I hope it inspires you to do the same,

Black labs are optional, but definitely recommended.

Start with a table runner that suits your theme. We've used this burlap runner on our Stuff From Trees display table for years, and it fits my spring vibe.

I found these two garlands in my bulletin board decorations stash and had to cabbage them. I don't remember buying them or putting them there, so it's like Christmas in March!

These lead crystal candleholders were in one of my mom's boxes, along with a note that she bought them in Germany. I love their shape and the fact that they're so very pointy. 

Then I took apart a stem of green grass left over from another floral project and tucked the pieces into the garland for filler.

These are the easter decorations I grew up with. Some we bought at local craft shows, others were on sale at the store the Monday after easter, and some were gifts picked up along the way. 

This one has traumatized me for decades, as it looks directly into my soul. I love it!

Retro decorations are in style for all occasions right now, so I'm rockin' the old-school stuff. I think these honeycomb animals and eggs are older than I am, and they still make me smile. 

Scatter and random are two words I don't do well with, but they definitely worked for this tablescape. I'm more of a centered, even, all-in-a-line design girl, but this layout turned out so pretty.

Do you have favorite easter decorations that always come out each spring? What do you already have that could be matched up with some new-school pieces to create a new spring vibe?


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