New Year's Day Handmade Stamped Greeting Card

Ok, it's time to admit that I didn't get Christmas cards made this year. Yes, the woman who makes card for a living didn't make any for herself. Please forgive me...

Instead, I'm making a few New Year's cards. And I absolutely love this design. Feel free to copy it if you'd like - it's a lot of fun!

I started by printing out a "Happy New Year" on the computer. I didn't have a stamp or any letters that I liked, so I created my own. If you're wondering why it's on white paper when I'm putting it on white card stock, there's a perfectly good explanation.

There are actually two: 1. I needed the extra stability because the card itself wasn't very thick, and 2. I'm going to stamp on it and I need it to be very dramatic. A background color would have detracted from the idea in my head. And 3. I was using up some damaged white card stock. You can see the pucker and tear in the first picture.

Once the phrase is adhered and cut to fit, I start stamping. It's a starburst border stamp that looks absolutely amazing for New Year's. I start in red, leaving a space in between for a second color because ...

... ta da! Two sets of starbursts in contrasting colors. I add the deep blue at different lengths to make an interesting pattern, like hanging lights or beads. I love these starbursts the more I use them.

And to finish it off, I add one sparkling gem to each strand of starbursts. You could use more or less, depending on how much sparkle you want.

Happy New Year!


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