10 Things To Stop Thinking About

If your mind is anything like mine, it's probably working overtime, all day, every day. We put our brains into overdrive trying to think, plan, understand and figure out all the little details of life.

In truth, this is completely unnecessary. We expend large amounts of energy on some pretty unproductive thinking.

10 Things To Stop Thinking About:

1. What other people think of how you believe, think, speak or act.

2. What the future holds.

3. Things that have happened in the past.

4. What the world considers important, necessary or entertaining.

5. The boundaries you have set up for yourself, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and even physically.

6. Comparisons you make between yourself and other Christian women.

7. The what-if's in life that we're completely unable to control.

8. Some imaginary perfect life that has nothing to do with the way God designed you.

9. Worries over mistakes that you've made.

10. All the things that you don't have control over - but the Lord does.

What would you do with all that time and energy left over if you stopped thinking about just these few things?


  1. What a powerful post! It's so easy to slip in our thinking and find our time eaten up by the worries and stresses of this life. But those thoughts are such a detriment to our spiritual walk. Thanks for the reminder.


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